Service Rates

Rec & Tek SCUBA Inc. carries most major brands of scuba and snorkeling equipment. Here at Rec & Tek SCUBA Inc. we are your ONE STOP SHOP for all your equipment servicing needs. Our comprehensive service support allows us to implement repair procedures within 3 to 5 days while providing you with cost effective equipment servicing prices. Faster turn around time on your repairs are available, however a rush charge will apply. Any customer who has purchased Aqua Lung or Apeks equipment from us enjoy FREE PARTS FOR LIFE, provided the equipment is serviced annually by a certified repair technician.



Free Parts for Life Program

Free Parts for Life Program (Regulator Service Agreement)

The Free Parts for Life Program allows the customer to receive free parts when the regulator is due for overhaul. Free parts consist of the normal replacement items as found in the Regulator 1st & 2nd Stage Service Kits. Labor charges are not covered. Assuming the program guidelines are followed, the Free Parts for Life Program will apply to the life of the regulator and will significantly reduce the cost of ownership. This program is in addition to the standard product warranties outlined in the owner’s manual.

The Free Parts for Life Program is a commitment by you (the Regulator owner), your Aqua Lung Dealer and Aqua Lung. To participate, you must be the original owner and have purchased the regulator from an Authorized Aqua Lung or Apeks America Dealer. The regulator must be brought to an Authorized Dealer at least once a year for inspection or overhaul according to the below schedule:

  • Year #1: Inspection
  • Year #2: Overhaul
  • Year #3: Inspection
  • Year #4: Overhaul
  • Etc.

To keep the Free Parts for Life Program active, both inspections and overhauls need to be documented in the Annual Service & Inspection Records included in the Owner’s Manual CD. If an inspection or overhaul is missed, the regulator no longer qualifies for the Free Parts for Life program.

Our compressor and fill station is equipped with eleven fill whips, with your Yoke or  Din valves. Our air is tested every six months to meet air safety standards for Nitrox partial pressure blending. We blend Nitrox EANX 32% and EANX 36% and offer custom blending as well.


First stages should be externally rinsed with fresh water after use and all other regulator equipment should be immersed in clean fresh water for several hours to prevent the formation of salt crystals inside the equipment.

We offer a 3 to 5 day turn around for annual overhaul service. (High season between 1 to 2 weeks). Our experienced technicians are able to work on all makes of equipment.

Buoyancy Control Devices (BCD)

BCD’s need to be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water after use, especially on the inside. If you let the salt water dry in the inside of the BCD it will form salt crystals that can perforate the bladder. We can obtain parts for most makes and models of BCD’s.

Dive Computers

Since dive computers are delicate, electronic, life supporting equipment, it is essential they are serviced by fully trained experts. We send dive computers to the manufacturers main service centers for full servicing. The return time can be between 1 to 3 weeks.

Dive Tanks / Cylinders

Tanks should be handled carefully to avoid external damages. Never allow your tank to be completely drained of air, as this will allow internal condensation or water introduction into the tank.

Hydrostatic Inspection - Due every five years. It is carried out within 2-4 weeks usually.

Visual Inspections - Due annually at the beginning of the month as punched on the visual inspection label. These can be completed within 24 hours. We have a brand new Visual Plus III unit that we use as part of our inspection as we do not only rely on visual observation. Your safety matters to us.

Service Rates:

  • Tank: Visual Plus (with Eddy Current) Inspection * - $29
  • Tank: SCUBA Hydrostatic Test / Visual Plus * - $50
  • Tank: 02 Cleaning (includes Viton oxygen compatible o-rings) Nitrox or Air is extra - $50
  • Tank: Paintball Hydrostatic Test - $70
  • Double Tank: Tear down and reassemble - $60
  • Double Tank: Tear down, visual, 02 clean, reassemble, NITROX filled 32% - $160
  • Regulator: Full Complete Tear Down Service** - $45 per stage c/w sanitzation-Service Kits are EXTRA (Standard Set has 3 Stages)
  • Regulator: Inspection ONLY - $60 (1st & 2nd Stage, Octopus & Gauges)
  • Buoyancy Compensator: Full Service** - $31
  • Air Fills: up to 30 cu' - $12
  • Air Fills: up to 100 cu' - $15
  • Air Fills: up to 130 cu' - $20
  • Nitrox Fills: up to 34% - $24
  • Nitrox Fills: up to 36% - $26
  • Nitrox Fills: up to 40% - $30
  • SCUBA 02 Fills: - $2.10/cu.ft.
  • "D" size Oxygen Bottle Fills - $60
  • "C" size Oxygen Bottle Fills - $50
  • Helium Fills: - $4/cu.ft.
  • High Pressure Fills: add $2.00

* Doubles are double
* Price includes new o-rings only
* Price does not include parts unless under warranty HST is extra